Photo's And Information On South Africa's Community Nest Spider

The South African Community Nest Spider

The Community-Nest Spider is a well known arachnid in the South African bushveld. Community Nest Spiders (As their name suggests) make a lot of nests to live in, with numerous catch nets around these community nests. The 13 African species of Community Nest Spiders are all gregarious arachnids that mainly feed on insects. And literally thousands of these Spiders can be found at one nest site. In the Winter and Autumn months the Community Nest Spiders split up and normally form one nest that may consist of up to 300 or more of these tiny Spiders. The Community Nest Spider comes in various different sizes depending on what specie it is. Their average size is between 4mm and 25mm. These pictures of the Community Nest Spider were mainly taken in the Kruger National Park on walks and on the quieter roads that the Kruger Park has to offer, although other photos may of been taken at various locations around the country of South Africa.

Community Nest Spider
Community Nest Spider Web
Community Nest Spiders Web