The South African Wild Dog-Like Carnivores


The Carnivores Of South Africa

The carnivores or dog-like predators in South Africa relate to the domestic dog in some way. The carnivores that fall into this wild-canine or wild-dog list include: Wild Dog, Civet, Genet, Jackal and Fox. These dog-like carnivores are some of the most efficient hunters in the South African bush. These "wild dog's" are also some of the most fascinating and extraordinary mammals of South Africa as they have some strange habits. Learn more about the carnivorous dogs of South Africa by clicking the link!

Black Backed Jackal

African Wild Dog... Also known as the Cape Hunting Dog or Painted Dog... The African Wild Dog has amazing stamina and can run up to 60km/h for 5 kilometres. The African Wild Dog is the second rarest carnivore in Africa...

Black-Backed Jackal

Side-Striped Jackal

Cape Fox

Bat-Eared Fox

African Civet

Small-Spotted Genet

Large-Spotted Genet