South African Freshwater And Inland Fish Species Records And Logs

South African Game Reserves Website Personal Freshwater Fishing Records

The following table is a record list and log of all the Southern African inland and freshwater fish species that I have caught. This angling log is for general interest and the records will show the fish species, location where caught, date, length, weight and other interesting information about the catch. This is all part of the websites long term project of catching as many of South Africa's fish species as possible. Inland fishing is more peaceful than saltwater fishing but generally you have a targeted species in mind when you fish in freshwater ecosystems like rivers, streams, weirs, dams and lakes. It was an amazing adventure traveling South Africa to catch these aquatic creatures... So here is the record book, enjoy!

Sharptooth Catfish (Barbel)
Fish Species Location Weight (KG's) Length (CM) Technique Lure/Bait
Rainbow Trout Millstream Farm 2.4 65 Fly Fishing Buzzer
Sharptooth Catfish (Barbel) Dowerglen Dam 4.0 90 Bait Fishing Platanna
Freshwater Mullet Port Alfred Estuary 0.3 19 Fly Fishing Yellow Humpey
Cape Stumpnose Port Alfred Estuary 0.1 12 Fly Fishing Royal Wulff
Striped Mullet Port Alfred Estuary 0.2 16 Fly Fishing Red Humpey
Common Carp Dowerglen Dam 7.2 Bait Fishing Mealies
Blue Kurper Loskop Dam 0.6 25 Bait Fishing Bread
Redbreast Tilapia Loskop Dam 0.1 11 Bait Fishing Earthworm
Makriel (Silver Catfish) Loskop Dam 0.4 30 Bait Fishing Mealies
Largescale Yellowfish Loskop Dam 1.1 42 Lure Fishing Yellow Plastic Grub
Papermouth Loskop Dam 0.1 13 Lure Fishing Green Plastic Grub
Banded Tilapia Edenvale Quarry 0.4 22 Bait Fishing Bread
Three Spot Barb Loskop Dam 0.1 12 Lure Fishing Yellow Plastic Grub
Mirror Carp Loskop Dam 0.6 40 Bait Fishing Brown Bread