White Steenbras (Pignose Grunter) Lithognathus lithognathus

The Amazing White Steenbras, Also Known As The Pig Nose Grunter

The White Steenbras is also known as the Pignose Grunter and it is a large, strong fighting and good eating South African saltwater fish. The minimum legal size to keep this fish is 65 centimeters and can reach a formidable size of about 100 centimeters. The White Steenbras has powerful molar teeth and when the mouth is extended you can see where the name "Pignose" comes from. The Grunter part refers to the sound that this fish makes sometimes when it is caught and taken out of the water.

Photographs of the White Steenbras

This type of Steenbras has distinctive bars running down it's body. It is common in shallow water and freely enters estuaries where it can tolerate fresh water for extended periods of time. The White Steenbras is a bottom feeder and blows and sucks it's food off the the bottom of the ocean waters. First described in 1830, the Pignose Grunter is a sought after South African saltwater angling fish species.

 White Steenbras (The Eastern Cape Pignose Grunter) Pignose Grunter (White Steenbras)

How To Catch The South African White Steenbras

The White Steenbras is a very popular angling fish with rock and surf, bait and estuary fishermen. Many methods are available when trying to catch the Pignose Grunter. The areas or habitat to look for these fish are along sandy beaches and in clean river estuary systems.

You can catch these White Steenbras using a variety of baits: Shrimp, Crayfish, Worm, Squid (Chokka) and Mud Prawn are the best baits to use when targeting this fish. Natural bait fishing does catch more White Steenbras than Dropshot but that's not to say Dropshot does not work for the Pig Nose Grunter... Indeed it does! Plastic worms (Especially Camo Worm), crustacean imitations and small Squid will easily catch the White Steenbras if they are around! Good luck, these fish are hard fighters!