The South African Yellowbelly Rockcod (Epinephelus marginatus) Information And Pictures

The Amazing And Majestic Yellow Belly Rock Cod Information And Images

The Yellowbelly Rock Cod is one of the most beautiful and amazing South African salt water oceanic fish species. This (One of many) Rockcod is also known as the Dusky Perch. It is easily identified by the colouration, spots and fins that this Rockcod possesses, unlike its cousin the Spotted Rockcod. The Yellowbelly Rockcod is a common inhabitant of rocky areas off the South African coast line. They are found mostly in off shore reefs but occasionally some specimens occur in estuaries and tidal rock pools. The Yellow Belly Rockcod occurs in depths of up to 200 meters! This fish species preys on crustaceans, bottom dwelling fish and almost anything else it can get. It is very opportunistic. The Yellowbelly Rockcod can grow up to 160 centimeters in length and the South African angling record for this fish is almost 30 kilograms. This colourful rock dwelling fish puts up a superb fight and is a thrill to catch. The Yellowbelly Rockcod is often a good indicator on what condition the offshore reefs are in (i.e. if there are a lot around the reef is in good condition and if there are not too many or none at all the reef is being overfished).

South African Yellowbelly Rockcod Great Sport Fish more pictures

How To Catch The South African Yellowbelly Rockcod (Dusky Perch)

The Yellow Belly Rock Cod is a brilliant sport fish and, although rarely targeted, can be caught in many different ways. The best way to catch the Dusky Perch is offshore from a boat with a jig (Vertical Jigging) or by using Dropshot methods. I have had a lot of luck catching this fish with shrimp, prawn and squid bait. They fight hard and often can snap your line in their natural habitat; rocks. You will not forget the first Yellowbelly Rockcod you catch, no matter the size, these fish are amazingly beautiful and fight like it's their last act in life, good luck targeting them!