Fishing And Angling Records For South African Game Reserves

Fishing is one of the most laid back, enjoyable and relaxing sports that South Africa has to hold. Not only does South Africa have a lot of fish species but there are so many ways to fish to catch these aquatic animals. The links below will direct you to 2 different fishing record pages. The first page is all the fish that we, at the website, have caught in freshwater or in inland bodies of water and the second page includes all the fish species that we have caught offshore or in saltwater and ocean marine habitats. On these record pages, you will find many interesting bits of information about the fish species that have been caught. We have started this project to promote fishing conservation and to let people know how amazing South Africa’s fish species are and how diverse they can be. So, sit back, relax and read on and I am sure you will be surprised with what we have caught…

Freshwater Fishing Records

FishingThe following table is a record list and log of all the Southern African inland and freshwater fish species that my father and I have caught. This angling log is of general interest and the records will show the fish species, the location where caught, date, length, weight and other interesting information about the catch. This is all part of the websites long-term project of catching as many of South Africa’s fish species as possible…

No matter what type of fishing you are into, as long as you fish, you are a member of a great community that is extremely friendly and helpful at all times. Being a fisherman is a great honor that you should be proud of. If you want to enjoy fishing even more, then we suggest that you get your best friends into this recreational activity, together with them you will have a much better time. Also spending time with your friend is a great way to relax from your everyday issues. The best thing about fishing is that everyone can learn it very quickly, you just have to love it.

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